Wednesday, April 19, 2017

From Ballet, Through Boxing to oga

I've never been a "sport type". While other girls were training for their Latino dancing or aerobics competitions, I was lying in my bed reading books or watching movies. Well, I admit I'm pretty lazy. But my parents didn't want me to just roll around and they wanted me to find a sport that I'll enjoy. But that was pretty tough. I fall in love with anything very easily but I don't often stick to it for long.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

I know. It's always better to eat local and seasonal foods. But I'm a bit spoiled and so I love tropical fruit as well. I could eat banans and mangoes every single day - on their own or in the form of this amazing smoothie bowl :) 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Amaranth Porridge With Caramelized Banana

As you know from the recipes on this blog (and from my instagram as well) I love porridges in any form. But my "classic" oatmeal+banana+berries+peanut butter ... is kind of stereotype. But the reipce I'm gonna show you today is not ordinary at all. Amaranth porrigge with caramelized banana is just an obsession. Caramelized banana for a healthy breakfast? Why not! I swear you'll fall in love with this recipe. 

#1 Mind Detox - How To Start A New Life

The nature is waking up after the cold winter months and it's getting ready for the new season. Hu,ams should do the same. Spring is perfect time for whole body & mind detox, time for leaving the past, time for new beginnings. There are so many guides for spring detox on the internet. But not only our physical bodies need to detox. Our mind deserves the same thing. We are overwhelmed by thoughts which are asking for the attention all the time. We're stressed, we're under pressure, living in the past and afraid what future holds. If you have these feelings sometimes, it's the right time for a mental detox :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Quick & Healthy - Tips For Busy Foodies

People eat unhealthy food not only because they "like it". They also often claim that they don't have enough money and time to prepare it . It's so much easier to take some toast with cheese and eat it in less then minute. Or to make an instant asian soup, eat store-bought sweetened yogurt with granola and to buy kebab or vietnamese noodles in fastfood nearby.
In fact, eating healthy is super simple and it doesn't take much time either. If you follow these few steps, you won't be able to use these excuses anymore :)