Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ostrava Yoga & Dance Festival

"Try not to stay on the surface, but get deeper."

"Breath in. Do it before you die if possible."

"You can't touch the ground? And who cares?"

... That's what yoga festival in Ostrava was like.

The Most Beautiful Places of Europe: Greece

Traveling is one of my biggest hobbies. My parents enjoy it as well so since I was a kid we've always been visiting new places every summer. We haven't left the Europe yet but my dad hates going to the same place twice so we've ready visited over 15 countries and found some places I just fell in love with.
If you don't know where to go on holiday this year or if you want to add more places on your "traveling with list", this post may help you a bit :)

Why Did I Need To Gain Weight

I believe that Evey in our life has meaning. We chose where we want to be born and every single situations in our life happens from a reason. Coincidences don't exist. All the complicated situations
in relationships, at school, work and personal life happen in a moment when we're supposed to realize something and we need a signal from the outside to do it. It always works like this.

What Our Body Is Telling Us

Psychosomatics is brilliant but actually quite simple at the same time. Usually any pain and discomfort in our body can be explained easily. What happens in our head always affects our whole body. Any kind of imbalance, too much stress, .. all the things have an impact on our physical health.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

From Ballet, Through Boxing to oga

I've never been a "sport type". While other girls were training for their Latino dancing or aerobics competitions, I was lying in my bed reading books or watching movies. Well, I admit I'm pretty lazy. But my parents didn't want me to just roll around and they wanted me to find a sport that I'll enjoy. But that was pretty tough. I fall in love with anything very easily but I don't often stick to it for long.